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So, that was weird. (aka in the news?)

Okay, so I was doing random searches, and I came across this article about Catfish/Nev and Max fanfic...which linked back to my livejournal! Which was super creepy, especially since that entry has personal stuff in it. I didn't lock it before because it would have been nice to use it as a way to meet some like minded people, but I didn't expect it to be posted in an article...so no. It's also strange because I'm pretty sure I posted the same thing in my Tumblr, and since the article talks specifically about Tumblr, why not link back to there? Oh well. But anyway, here's the article, which—again—while creepy, is kind of neat!

In other news, my school was featured on a program on the BBC! How cool is that? ^_^ I do know the professor, and in fact actually sat next to her in our meeting yesterday, but it's just neat for a little community college in southern New Jersey to get a shout out in another county. And here's that clip, if anyone's interested.
I didn't like it.

It's disappointing to say, but I really didn't like it. It was a major let down from the first book, and I'm kind of amused because the most tension filled thing that happens in the first book is the main character looks at a room of dish washers and separates the good workers from the bad workers, and no, that's not a lie or an exaggeration. That's the "end fight" of the book. She sorts workers. And keep that in mind when I say that in comparison, the second book was boring.

Now, without context, you don't know that that sorting thing was actually a huge deal, but it still shouldn't make a book filled with death and gun fights and secret societies and rafting and uprisings and so, so much poison seem dull by comparison. But it did.

As many interesting things went on in the second book, I felt that it really dragged, and I honestly couldn't wait for it to be over. And I think I know why. It was the people.

In the first book, we spend a lot of time in what amounts to suburbia doing things like going to the movies and hiking and pondering prepackaged meals, but the characters and their interactions are so well crafted that it makes even the smallest thing, even the smallest incident seem earth shattering in its intensity.

The second book is far more action oriented, but the characters are flat. Cassia, who grows and changes so much in the first book becomes a static shell of her former self in the second. Ky is a little better in that we get more insight into his character and see that he's really far more flawed than he appeared, but they're the only two that carry over from the first book, and everyone else we meet in the mean time either dies or wanders off by the end with the exception of one character who I spent the vast majority of the book smiting. So...yeah.

The author's airy, poetic prose is far more suited to romance, emotional engagements in general, and character interactions. We don't get the emotional depth in Crossed that we got in Matched, and that was where this book failed the most.

The book is called "Crossed," and it was a fitting name in that I feel like we were literally just spending the whole time going to the plot or crossing to the plot...and never getting there. I guess it's a quest story, and they do eventually find the goal of their quest, but you don't really care. The goal you actually care about is reached about 2/3 of the way through the book, and ends up being crapily downplayed because of Cassia's state of mind...which of course gets resolved by her literally saying "I'm fine now" and it never getting brought up again. So then we spend the rest of the book going after this new quest that you don't care about because by this point you just want to be done with the fucking canyon they've spent 75% of their time in, and then they get there, and....nothing.

Oh my god. I just realized that the way the book ended basically reset us to where the first book ended. In fact, you could make minor changes to the end of the first book and have it be where the third book picks up and you'd never know. Fantastic, book. You have rendered yourself pointless.

So...um...yeah. As much as I still recommend Matched, I can't recommend Crossed. At all.

Let's hope the third book redeems the trilogy. I got it on Audible because I loved the first one so much, but luckily Audible has a great return program, and you can return a book just for not liking it. Guess what I just did?

Son, I am disappoint.

Review—The Maze Runner

Okay, well, if you haven't picked up on me saying it over and over, I really loved this book.

Cut because you know me. I tend to ramble. :PCollapse )

Now the question is, where next? Do I find another book that's going to be made into a movie soon? Do I continue on with the Matched Series? Or do I find more books in the Maze Runner series? Or do I go reread Catching Fire? When is that one coming out? Oh, but how can I reread when there are so many things I haven't read yet? I think it'll be the next Matched book for now, just because I have that, I own it, and I don't have to worry about getting it. But I totally need to look into getting more Maze Runner series...

Let's mix it up with some movie reviews.

As far as books go, I'm right in the middle of reading The Maze Runner right now, and I LOVE IT. But I'll get to that once I finish it.

For now, I figure I've seen 8 movies over the past 2 months. Let me talk about them.

Monsters University, Much Ado About Nothing, This is the End, The Heat, Pacific Rim, Despicable Me 2, R.I.P.D., TurboCollapse )

Next month we're seeing City of Bones as well as Elysium, The World's End, and Planes. City of Bones I actually am looking forward to seeing the handling of it since it looks like it'll be leaps and bounds better than the book. I'm also really looking forward to The World's End, and a little bit to Elysium, but it's really hard drumming up excitement over Planes. I would be seeing Kick Ass 2 and Percy Jackson (which looks surprisingly good) except I've never seen the first of either movie in its entirety, so those will have to wait. I think I might see The Conjuring with Lyndsey when she comes up for my brother's wedding in the middle of the month. It looks creepy, is getting decent reviews, and I've fallen desperately in love with Vera Farmiga.

And on another note, I've spent the last week/week and a half watching the last 3 1/2 seasons of Masterchef US. It's my new favorite thing. I've seen all of the first and third seasons, most of the second and most of what's aired of the fourth season. Now I want to try my hand at a souffle. O.o


City of Bones Review: finale

I finished City of Bones a couple days ago, so I'm back with my running commentary and then some final thoughts. All vaguely spoilery, though I either didn't mention or only vaugely elluded to major plot points/twists, so if you know them, please don't mention them. In the off chance that anyone actually wants to read this book after seeing my thoughts, I figure I shouldn't spoil the whole thing.

The exception is one thing I really wanted to bitch about, so I mentioned it, but the font color is white, so in my journal/the new f-list page/etc. it should be invisible unless you highlight it. So be careful if you want to avoid major spoilers and keep that in mind.

My commentary seems to be significantly shorter than last time, at least, as the middle of the book really was the worst. The end third was the best part...not that being the best part of a pile of shit is saying much.

My while-reading commentary that I left Lyndsey.Collapse )

And final thoughts:

The verdict is...Collapse )

Now onto The Maze Runner, which will hopefully be better.

Next Third of City of Bones

Okay, so apparently I bitch enough about this book that I need to cut its review into 3 pieces for fear of them getting too long. So here's my thoughts on the middle third of City of Bones. It's my running commentary to Lyndsey as I was reading, and I warn you, it's a touch on the long side, but hopefully entertaining enough.

Something I didn't mention in my last review is that the book starts with a Shakespeare quote, then there's immediately another quote to start part 1, this time from Paradise Lost by John Milton. My comment to Lyndsey about this was that I found it horribly pretentious and unneccessary, and now, having actually read part one, I can say that while I see how the Shakespeare quote fits, the Milton one seems horribly out of place and simply is there to say "Look at me! I've read Paradise Lost. I'm smart." I'm mentioning this now because my first comment is a follow up to that.

Lots of vague spoilers ahead.Collapse )

Book Reviews for funzies

Okay, so I've been reading a lot lately. Most of these will not interest people at all, but a few might, so I'll put my thoughts here. Over the last month, I've reread all the early Poirot books in anticipation for continuing on with "new" ones, aka one I've yet to read. I'm not reviewing those.

After that, I moved onto A Man from U.N.C.L.E. book, The Vampire Affair. I guess I can do a quick review for those who might care, and then will come the interesting ones.

See, I'm looking into checking out all the young adult books being made into movies in the next couple of years, so of course I'm reading The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, and the other one I've read so far is a book called Matched. Next I'm doing The Maze Runner, then Crossed, so expect me to pop up again with some more thoughts later in the summer.

Reviews will be under cuts for spoilers (mostly minor). And warning, that last is LONG.

The Vampire AffairCollapse )

MatchedCollapse )

City of BonesCollapse )
First, I apologize for those of you who are seeing this multiple times from me or will continue to see this over the next month and a half, but that's what you have to do when you're trying to raise $85,000. ^_^

My video game company (Island Officials) is trying to fund our latest project through Kickstarter. It's a puzzle-adventure game called Orion's Odyssey, and you can find more about it here, at the kickstarter page. The puzzle aspect involves using pattern blocks to create different objects, but what really sets this apart from other games is the quirky story that you follow along as you play. I did all the background art and a portion of the sprite work, have spent the last few YEARS of my life working on this project, and it would just mean SO MUCH to me to see it published.

So anything anyone could do to help this dream come true would be amazing. :) Pledges, of course, would be great, but more than that I just ask that you guys could share this with your f-lists or in real life with anyone you think might be interested or could help us get our name and cause out there. Spreading the word is our best bet if we want to get this game made, and I would be forever grateful for anyone who helps me out!!

Thanks so much. ^__^

EDIT - This was also posted to my tumblr, if anyone wants to repost there. I know it's easier. :) Thanks again!

Anyone want some stuff?

I'm organizing my DVDs/Blurays, of which I have far too many ^_^ and there are a couple, super random things that I have duplicates of. So if anyone wants either, I'll totally just send it to you. All DVDs are region 1, so if you're outside the US/Canada/Japan, these probably won't interest you. Though I don't know what region South American uses...but I digress.

The DVDs are:

The DVD Boxset of the second season of Fringe. New. I think unopened.

And four romance/Valentine's day themed 1980s Alvin and the Chipmunk episodes. For some reason, they keep changing the box on this on and rereleasing it every few years, so I have the one I linked to, which is the one I want to give away, and then I also have this one (which was only my preference because Simon was wearing something different, and I'm a sucker for alternate outfits), while this one seems to be the one currently in print. This one is opened, but if I've watched it, then it only would have been once.

So yeah. Super random, but if you're interested, leave me a comment. :)


Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last Sunday I caught a purse-snatcher who stole blackstray's purse (30 points). In September I ruled Asscrackistan as a kind and benevolent dictator (700 points). Last Friday I pulled over and changed accordingtomel's flat tire (15 points). In February I put money in indybaggins's expired parking meter (14 points). In June not2bscene and I robbed a bank (-50 points).

Overall, I've been nice (709 points). For Christmas I deserve a wedgie!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

*falls over*

50,137 and I'm done! ^_^ Whew! Considering what this month was like, I'm surprised I won at all, much less a day early. Now to go enjoy a special showing of some Star Trek TNG episodes in the theatre.

Oh, and I have a super fun idea for a teaser trailer for it. I would just have to make myself draw it. I should actually try doing that for once, since it would only be minimal animation at best. Hrmmm....


Art for Kat's birthday! and other things.

First, I like to draw Kat things for her birthday. :) This year I did the cover for a travel journal that I then had made at Cafe Press. The picture is an inside joke. See, Kat and I vacation together for the most part, and every time we're on a plane together, she turns to me and does the "There's something on the wing" bit. ^_^ So I had to do that. I'll include the art and the end product as well.


teaser or just an excuse for me to put giant eyeballs on your f-list?Collapse )

In other news, I started watching a children's program that teaches sign language. I really like it, and I've been meaning to learn sign language for some time, so this will be great to give me at least a cursory knowledge. It really is a work out signing constantly for a half hour, though.

Oh, and I wanted to thank the people who have responded to my last entry so far and to anyone else who might answer. I wanted to respond to the individual comments, but I'm afraid my response will make it obvious whether I picked someone or not, so I figure this is the safest way to go.

Pimpin' mah skillz

Someone came into the office of the game company I work for, and I'm not quite sure why they took this video, but they did, and the company is using it as their company video for the moment, and I'm in it! ^_^

I'm the only girl in the video. Not in the company, but in the video. Only half of us or less were there when the video was shot. But more importantly, the game I've spent the last few years working on and is now just about complete is featured. At 1:39 they start talking about Orion's Odyssey, the game that I did all the backgrounds for, and there's quite a few shots of the game, so you can see a bunch of the pretty backgrounds I made. ^_^ I also did a smattering of items and characters in the game, but my main contribution was the backgrounds, including the background of the box art (which, since this is going to be distributed digitally, will likely never see the light of day :P) but it's the art to the sides of the screen.

Link to the video. I orignally had it embedded, but it was stupidly huge for some reason. :P

I need to make another post sometime in the near future about what else is going on, but yay for showing my stuff off. ^_^


What I do:

So apparently some website interviewed Ryan Morrison, my boss at Island Officals, about the game company recently. ^_^ Here's that interview along with random shots of our office. Oh, and there'a screen shot from our upcoming game, Orion's Adventure, the game where I did all the backgrounds! :D So you can see one of my backgrounds. It's not my most impressive, but it's mine, so yeah.

Camden County College, where Morrison talks about being the game design professor, is also the college where I work as a circulation assistant in the library. That's not how I met him, though. I just also happen to work there.


Merry Christmas Kat!...

...or "The Next time I see Sean, I'm going to slap him upside the head." You know...in the Christmas spirit and all. ^_^

Anyway, Kat and I forewent materialistic presents for each other this year since our present to each other is being in Disney World for New Years! :D (And believe me, that's expensive enough. :P) But ANYWAY, this year we drew each other things!

She asked me for a picture of a couple of RP characters, Baulthazaar and Isienomsafu, on their wedding day. Here you go!


Full picture under cut.Collapse )


Whew. ^_^

After 13 months and 133,500 words, the first draft of Second Time Around is finally finished! :D *dies* Oh thank god, I was so done with this story. ^_^

Now I need to do a big old edit, throw it at my beta reader and hopefully it'll be ready to post come the new year.

But first! I still have to write over 20,000 words for NaNo. :P Onto the sequel!

*rides off on a giant quill pen*


[fic] AI Series

Just a post so I can have a record of these in my own journal. Like usual, story links lead to member-locked comm entries.

Title: Myth, Fiction and Philosophy
Author: Clay
Characters/Pairings:Jeff/Chip, Colin
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Jeff really hates androids, but Colin's new model might just make him change his mind...
Word Count: ~4,000
Author's Notes: Trick or Treat for Sungreen! ^_^ Happy Halloween! Have some porn!

Myth, Fiction and Philosophy

Title: On the Subject of Optimism
Author: Clay
Characters/Pairings:Jeff/unnamed male (Chip), unrequited Jonathan/Jeff
Rating: R
Summary: Jonathan and Jeff had been nearly inseparable as children. When they reached adulthood, however, they began to grow further and further apart, but Jonathan has a plan to stop it.
Word Count: ~3,800
Author's Notes: Trick or Treat for Greenforgreen and the second story in my little AI universe. I think that Jonathan is well, kind of vastly out of character here. ^_^ But I tried to tie in known things about him to root him to his original persona. I don't know how successful that was, but I had too much fun with him to be horribly concerned over it.

On the Subject of Optimism

Title: The Central Property of Humans
Author: Clay
Characters/Pairings: Ryan/Colin, OMC
Rating: R
Summary: Acclaimed physicist Colin Mochrie attends an awards dinner in his name, but awards are the farthest thing from his mind.
Word Count: ~4,400
Author's Notes: Trick or Treat for Draconica_Nova! The third and last story (for now) in my little AI universe. :) Colin fought me tooth an nail on this one, trying to lead it in one direction where I wanted to go a completely different way. In the end, he won, but I'm pleased with the results.

The Central Property of Humans
Sure, I'm still (weirdly enough) exactly 2 days behind where I'm supposed to be, but I feel oddly accomplished, sticking my document in and getting this in return:

Plus I wrote, like, 3,800 words so far today, and I've got another half hour before I stop for the night, so I'm feeling pretty good right now. ^_^


Happy Birthday Kat! (part two)

Now that she's seen this, I can post it to my journal. ^_^ This is the second picture I did for her, a picture of her character Kay. Again, rated G. It's underwater fight time!


picture under the cutCollapse )

Part 1 (also art)


Happy Birthday Kat! (part one)

As I said on facebook (where I also posted this because I can better make sure that you see it) your proper present is coming on the day of your party, here's something "small" for your actual birthday!

It's Xion, done completely in black and white because I wanted to do something different. Rated G. Totally work safe. :) Also somewhat based off that picture of young Hugo Weaving. ^_^ And definitely used a reference for the rest of it.

la la la pretty musicCollapse )

Part 2


Via Twitter:

Colin Mochrie
Athletes having sex 24 hrs before an event can enhance performance. 24 minutes before "World's Worst", not so much.

Does anyone know what he's talking about here? Because I swear I'm totally taking this the wrong way. ^_^


Title: Bella Pacifica
Author: Clay
Pairing: Ryan/Greg
Rating: NC-17
Prompt #50 - Young!Greg/young!Ryan. Sex on the beach. Could be a frat party, lots of drinking, fire, music with a heavy beat.
Word count: ~3,000

The trees behind them were crowding in, bending low and watching them.Collapse )

Title: Wahrheit
Author: Clay
Pairings: Mostly Chip/Drew/Brad, with eeny, teeny mentions of Chip/Brad, Drew/Jeff, Ryan/Colin/Greg and Wayne/Jonathan
Rating: PG
Prompt #110: Brad decides to dress in drag in order to seduce Drew.
Word Count: ~3,100
A/N: I'd like to thank Lyndsey for the beta. Thank you for reading this twice, despite how creepy you found it. ^_^

...he lay flat on his back, his eyes to the ceiling as though he were a patient spilling his deepest secrets to his psychiatrist...Collapse )
Cross-posted to wliialove and whoselineslash, and I apologize for anyone who gets this on their f-list 3 times. :P

Title: Don't You Wanna Stay
Song by: Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson
Pairing: Jeff/Chip

I haven't vidded in ages, but from the moment I first heard this song, I just needed to make it into a music video, and I couldn't stop till I was done. ^_^ It's nothing fancy, but it makes me smile, and that's all I was really going for.

Okay, I'm going to try and host it on youtube, but the last place I hosted it, it literally lasted about 2 minutes before it was gone, so I don't have high hopes.

hopefully embedded video after the cutCollapse )

Star Trek convention!

Yesterday was many awesomes rolled into one. ^_^ First I hung out with Sun, and I got to meet Emmett and Jack, and Emmett is just the cutest thing! And she gave me delicious creamer and then I had this awesome burger. *drools a little at the memory*

The rest of the day, like Friday, was spent at the Star Trek convention.

On Friday I saw Nana Visitor and Rene Auberjonois, who were super adorable together. And both of their characters were so completely serious on the show, so it was just a blast watching them laugh and joke together. And Rene looks like he would be a great grandpa. ^_^ He was so cute answer this question from a little girl, and he did talk about his kids and grandkids a little. AND he was apparently Louie the French chef in The Little Mermaid, and when asked about it, he broke into a full rendition of his song from that movie. It was just the best. ^_^

Yesterday, I saw Michael Dorn and Nichelle Nichols, and I got Nichelle's autograph. Michael Dorn was funny as hell. ^_^ He talked about making out with Terry Farrell and the differences between working on the two shows, and he was just fun. He's got a good sense of humor, and he definitely liked getting a laugh out of the crowd. ^_^

Nichelle, however, was definitely the best part of the weekend. I thought she was awesome without really knowing anything about the actress, but after hearing her speak, I'm just so in love with this woman. I didn't know how much she did to further the civil rights movement, both in general and specifically with NASA. She told the most interesting stories, too. About her first acting jobs, about how she met Gene and how she got the job on Star Trek. And she just sounds like someone you'd totally want to hang out with. ^_^ She also talked about her work with NASA, helping them to recruit more than just white males into the program, but her best story was about how she was going to leave the show after the first season, and Martin Luther King Jr. of all people is the one that talked her out of it. And just listening to what he had to say to her not to mention her own views on us as one people—it was wonderful and powerful, and I was actually a little teary at the end of the MLK story. She is just an AWESOME lady; she's passionate and sweet and sassy, and just a wonderful person, and I'm so happy I got to see her. It was great. :)

The broadcast of the people I saw is actually available (for a price, of course) at startrek.com, if anyone's interested, but I don't know how that works.


[art] Colin

Hey, I drew something! :D

Title: Haunted
Artist: Me!
Characters/Pairings: Colin, with a hint of Ryan
Rating: G
A/N: This is a scene from that Ryan/Colin story I started last November and am still working on...very, very slowly apparently. :P But yeah, this is an early scene, and it's one that's stuck with me over the months. It's a pensive Colin riding behind Ryan on a motorcycle.

It's getting dark, and it's all too quiet, and I can't trust anything now...Collapse )


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